Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The 10 Cs of survival

The 10 C's of survival are essential in any survival situation. These are items that you will carry with you, they are designed to give you what you need for basic survival and nothing more. These ten C's represent the type of items that you should carry with you in your kit.
Even though this is a principle of Pathfinder concepts, a brain child of survivalist Dave Canterbury from Discovery channels Dual survival, you can also see many survivalists such as Bear Grylls utilizing all of these items to survive. 
1. Cutting tool, the most difficult thing to reproduce in an outdoor situation. 
2. Combustion, you need something that will start a fire no matter if it is wet or dry, 
3. Cordage, Para cord, rope straps etc
4. Container, something that you can carry, boil, and purify water in.  (guy designed stainless steel bottle.) 
5. Cargo, a pack that you can put your items into. 
6. Compass, some sort of item that you can determine accurate coordinates for.  
7. Cover, you need to have some sort of shelter to protect you from the elements. 
8. Candle or light 100% bees wax candle or a flashlight. 
9. Combination tool which is actually more of a comfort item SAK, multi tool or a saw. 
10. Cloth or bandanna used for filtering water etc.
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  1. The list I found is slightly different. I'm now confused . I know it does not take much for that to happen to me . But may be you can shed some light on that. My list shows
    The 10 C’s of Survival.
    1. Cutting tool (Knife, saw, axe etc.)
    2. Combustion tool (Fire starter)
    3. Cover (Shelter from the elements)
    4. Container (Water vessel)
    5. Cordage (550 cord or bank line)
    6.Candle light ( flash light, headlight etc.)
    7. Cotton bandana
    8. Compass
    9. Cargo Tape (Preferably Gorilla duct tape)
    10. Canvas needle (A sewing kit would do in a pinch)

    The difference is Cargo? Thanks